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New York City

After 10+ years living in Portland, Oregon, I am relocating to New York City.

My wife got a job at Sidewalk Labs, and she will be working to bring smart timber cities to the world. I sold my shares of Propel Studio Architecture to my business partners, and will be looking for new architecture/design/development opportunities once we arrive in NY (Let me know if you have any job leads). In the meantime, I'll be occasionally updating Talkitect as I get inspired, coordinating our move, managing a renovation to our condo in Portland, and working with students at the PSU Center for Public Interest Design to get one of their prototype ADU designs permitted and build.

There are many aspects of this move that excite me as I will be able to explore a new city, make new friends, wander through new neighborhoods, eat great food, experience great architecture, and pursue new career opportunities. However, one small thing that will kick off this adventure is a three day train ride from PDX>…

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