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While Car Free Streets Proliferate Around the World, Portland Doubles Down on Highways

While cities struggle to maintain balanced budgets, provide basic services to their citizens, keep housing affordable, and address climate change, one of their most valuable resources is being squandered - land. As Cities grow and become more dense there is less and less logic in giving so much of our land away solely for the use of cars. It doesn't make functional or financial sense. Land values just don't justify allocating such a large percentage of our urban land to roads, while space for pedestrians and other means of transportation are given slivers of space. By squandering so much land, and thus subsidizing driving, cities are missing out on utilizing this asset for the public good. Reclaiming this underutilized space can create incredible value, address climate change, and make cities more enjoyable and livable. Redesigning roads for multiple uses, creating car-free zones, and giving space back to people will only make cities better and more enjoyable. Over the next de…

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