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Ways We Are Subsidizing Driving... Why?

One of my biggest frustrations with living in America is how we are almost forced to be reliant on cars. Our cities and towns are built to make driving necessary, and our laws are set up to directly encourage and subsidize driving at the expense of other ways of getting around. It is crazy and harmful and something I which we would change. Streetsblog recently posted an article highlighting 12 ways that driving is both encouraged and subsidized by the law: Traffic Laws Soft-Peddle Very Dangerous Behavior Land Use Laws Favor Sprawl Legal Parking Requirements Subsidize Driving Emissions Laws Exempt ‘Light Trucks’ Emissions Laws Ignore the Environmental Costs of Roadbuilding Vehicle Safety Regulations Ignore Pedestrians Vehicle Safety Regulations Allow Unsafe Aftermarket Vehicle Modifications Insurance Law Limits Payouts to Pedestrians Tax Law Subsidizes Sprawl Tort Law Protects Dangerous Drivers Contract Law Freezes Out Pedestrians Criminal Law Rarely Punishes Dangerous Drivers https://u

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