Peter Zumthor wins the 2009 Pritzker Prize

I'm sure by now most readers have already heard the announcement and have read articles on other sites about Peter Zumthor, the Swiss architect, being awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize - the annual award give to a prominent living architect. I just want to add my congratulations to the chorus. Zumthor's work has consistently inspired me in my own work. His attention to detail and focus on materiality as a driving force in the design process has led to some of the most moving works of architecture over the past few decades. His slow design approach has kept his body of work relatively small but each project has been a stunning work of art. I have yet to visit a project of his in person but am excited to make a pilgrimage this summer to do just that.

Notable Buildings:

Museum Kolumba - Cologn, Germany (2007)
The Brother Klaus Field Chapel - Mechernich, Germany (2007)
Swiss Pavilion - Expo Hanover, Germany (2002)
The Kunsthaus Bregenz - Austria (1997)
Thermal Baths - Vals, Switzerland (1996)
St. Benedict's Chapel - Sumvitg, Switzerland(1989)


Anonymous said…
Wait a sec. Something is not right here.

According to Studio Libeskind, Daniel Libeskind is the world's greatest, most world-renowned, most internationally-celebrated, genius of design EVER!! So why didn't ge het the Prizker Prize? He had his acceptance speech ready and everything!!
Lucas Gray said…
Here is a nice article about Libeskind's Jewish Museum in Berlin:
click on me!
Lucas Gray said…
Now the question is who will win the next Pritzer Prize...Sanaa, Toyo Ito, and Steven Holl would be my three favorites. I would guess Steven Holl or Ito will win. Sanaa needs to build a few more amazing projects before they win it, in my humble opinion.

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