Slideshow: Aqua Tower - Chicago, Illinois - Designed by Studio Gang

The Aqua tower, designed by Studio Gang, has received a lot of well deserved press over the past year since its completion. However, what has failed to be discussed is the dismal condition of the podium and how the tower interacts with the street. It almost seems as if a different designer worked on the tower vs. the podium as they have no clear relationship. These images capture the undulating balconies from a variety of angles, unclose and as glimpses through the surrounding towers.

Last summer I was lucky enough to be invited to Chicago as a guest of DuPont Corian® to see their new product line and its integration with the DIRTT wall system. As part of the trip I also got to explore the city, see its amazing architecture, and visit NEOCON. This slideshow, as well as few others that will be posted in the coming weeks was a result of their generosity. Check out the Corian® Design Facebook page for more information on their new products:


Terry said…
Thanks for the pictures. Ms. Gang talked a Georgia Tech last month. It was my introduction to Aqua Towers.
Bookmark said…
Essential post. As rose in all flower. Keep writings. Thanks.
Christine said…
We're glad you were able to join us in Chicago this past summer to see the new DuPont(tm) Corian® product line and our integration with the DIRTT's wall systems! We look forward to seeing the other pictures you'll be sharing from that trip in the coming weeks. Christine from DuPont.
Lucas Gray said…
Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for hosting. I know I've been much delayed in my coverage. It's been a hectic, busy, exciting and event filled year for me. Unfortunately this blog got neglected too often. I will have some posts about Corian® and DIRTT as well as more slide shows soon.

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