Slideshow: Alvar Aalto House - Helsinki, Finland - designed by Alvar Aalto

A fantastic, modest modern house. Simple materials, natural light and a nice connection between the interior and exterior make this house stand out as a superb example of Aalto's architecture.


  1. A simple design looks great, because of the simple materials and natural light. The design simply matches the outside ambiance and the environment.

  2. The house looks very compelling. I've seen this similar kind of design in the movies shot in Europe. I would love to travel the world most especially Europe and Asia. I believe they have the most number of great places and rich cultures.

  3. I like the idea of constructing this house with a nature-inspired structure. The environment seems fresh and clean. I wish I could come and visit Finland as well. I've read a lot of good reviews about this country. I think I should include this on my list of my next vacation destinations this year. Next week, I'll go to Australia to experience the most famous caravan parks in Perth.


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