Five Fantastic Contemporary Homes

by Jonathan Swain

Contemporary architecture has the ability to excite and amaze. Whether it’s the ‘uninhabitable’ country home designed by Howard Roark in Ayn The Fountainhead, or the clean lines of the zinc-clad MuSh Residence in Los Angeles, architects are constantly pushing the limits of their imaginations to create inspiring and inhabitable works of art. With countless examples of stellar design and property for sale, it’s difficult to choose favourites, but the five homes below have certainly managed to stand out from the crowd.

Hunsett Mill 
The victim of poor-quality extensions and renovations over the past 100 years, Hunsett Mill finally came into the hands of owners who saw the potential for something beautiful. Returning the building to its original size and adding a well-planned, unobtrusive addition, this 19th century mill house was transformed into a striking construction nestled on the banks of the River Ant in Norfolk Broads National Park in England. The dynamic 5-bedroom holiday residence (that can resemble a folding hand fan from above) provides multi-directional views of the river and landscape. The sustainable build was erected on conservation land, and therefore great consideration was given to energy efficiency, leaving Hunsett Mill nearly self-sufficient.

This sustainable one-bedroom demonstration house in San Francisco was designed for World Environment Day 2005 and was erected in a staggering two-week build. Inspired by the abundance of waste in today’s society, ScrapHouse was sourced entirely from reclaimed and reused materials, including exterior walls made from street signs; vertically stacked phonebooks that provide both insulation and texture; and discarded lamps repurposed to create an inventive and original chandelier.

La Maraleja Chalet 
This contemporary build represents the highest sophistication of the integration of modern technology and stunning design. The property, which is currently for sale with a price tag of nearly £6,350,000.00, is fully automated with iPhones and iPads to control lighting, curtains, alarm systems, the home cinema, and the interior and exterior sound systems. The geometric shapes and colours of the structure appear to float on water when viewed from the far side of the swimming pool. Environmentally friendly, the house boasts a geothermal heating system that reduces electricity consumption by 40%.

Nobis House 
Home of architect Susan Nobis, this private residence and workspace located near Lake Starnberg in Germany is a minimalistic interpretation of a traditional wooden boat house. The interior is lined with bookshelves in a style reminiscent of the racks rowing shells might be stored upon while the open-plan design still allows for cleverly tucked-away private rooms. The integration of wood and glass gives the structure a transparent feel, blending in with the surrounding nature and providing plenty of natural light through the large windows at either end of the house.

Dune House 
Warm and inviting feelings are conjured when viewing this cottage nestled in the dunes by the sea just south of Thorpeness in Suffolk. Its position among the dunes serves not only aesthetic fulfilment, but also the practical purpose of wind protection, necessary because of its seaside location. The two floors exhibit a pleasing disconnect, which allows the top floor—designed in relation to the nearby British seaside homes—to appear to float above the glass of the ground floor base below. The holiday home, one of several commissioned by Living Architecture, was created for the company in an effort to revolutionize both architecture and UK holiday rentals, and allows renters to experience beautiful architecture while escaping to the seaside for a relaxing holiday. Discover more unique homes on property sites such as Zoopla.


  1. It's difficult to pick a favorite. All of these homes are stunning in their own way. It reminds me of the ones I've seen in osu housing.

  2. I really love houses with lots of glass since it looks very elegant.

  3. Nice-looking houses! Now all I want to see if the la maraleja can have automatic pool covers as part of its amenities.

  4. I wonder if the owner of that La Maraleja Chalet buys pool chlorinators online. It seems easy to maintain because of its wonderful structure.

  5. Actually, I think, for a property such as this one, to be able to maintain the privacy of the owners and users of it they are providing pool fence tampa to manage security and protection. Also they could pick out fashionable and match it with the property's overall theme to make it more pleasing to the eye.

  6. If a glass pool fencing perth is installed on any of the houses above, the building of it is great! Now, I am choosing where to live in any of them.

  7. If I have a house that is surrounded by water then I will buy a beautiful pool fencing Perth first. The owner of that La Maraleja Chalet should consider redesigning the area near the water.

  8. Was that all made out of glass? That is totally cool! I believe all of those are made of glass splashbacks.

  9. That’s what I liked about living in a glass house; It brings you closer to nature. I just wish I could have the chance to renovate my apartment in legaspi village into a glass house concept or if not at least it has a touch of glass house concept.

  10. Well If own one of those houses, the first thing that I would do is to put up tankless water heaters because I can’t stand using cold water. I think I’d be the happiest person in the world if that happens, imagine how beautiful and comfortable your house is.

  11. The La Maraleja Chalet is quite unsafe for children because it's obviously surrounded by water. You can't just install pool covers to keep them away from diving in. I'll only plan on a house like that by the time my kids grew older.

  12. I agree, it's not very ideal with kids around but it's manageable as long as they are always supervised. Anyway, it doesn't change the fact that La Maraleja Chalet is beautifully designed with great technology.

  13. The first photo is my dream house. When I see that kind of structure, peaceful country life comes to my mind. Even the position of the house is ideal, a nearby windmill is the only one missing here.

  14. I've always dreamed of having a house like the "Nobis House!" It's like a huge library. I will only add a pool at the back to complete my dream architecture. I love to read and swim, so this would be perfect for my lifestyle. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Try installing a fiber glass pool to complement the whole design of the house! It's more stylish, plus, it's easier to clean. By the way, I like the Nobis House too!


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