Lucas Gray, Assoc. AIA
Talkitect.com is dedicated to the discussion of contemporary international architecture, urbanism, and design. The site presents articles critiquing new designs and showcasing research on contemporary issues in the design world as well as general thoughts on topics of interest that we find in current events. The foundation of Talkitect is comprised of reviews of architecture from around the world, coverage of architecture and urbanism conferences and events, and articles on architectural issues facing the profession. It is also a repository for  videos, links, press releases, announcements and other relevant information we stumble across on our wanderings through the world wide web. The content is carefully curated to provide a wide range of views and opinions.

Created in 2008 by designer and writer Lucas Gray, Talkitect.com has grown into a platform dedicated to the built environment. This site engages in the dialogue of international design while providing a platform to express ideas, review buildings, and do research above and beyond our daily work. The true reward is engaging with you, the readers, and thus we encourage comments, ideas and suggestions. Although Talkitect is based in Portland, Oregon, we cover events around the world and the content addresses global issues and projects.

Throughout my career I have focused on international architecture while living and practicing in various cities around the world. I earned a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon where I focused on sustainable design strategies and architectural education. I started an architectural practice with two partners here in Portland, Oregon, and have been an adjunct professor at Portland State University, and guest reviewer at PSU and the University of Oregon.

Between undergrad and grad school I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for a year and then spent two in Shanghai, China where I collaborated on competition entries for Brearely Architects and Urbanists. I have also lived in Berlin for two years where I won an architectural design competition for extending and renovating an historic gymnasium in collaboration with Mathewson Architecture Berlin. Along with developing the competition project, I collaborated with various firms on the design and renovation of residential properties around Berlin, submitted international competition entries, and curated an art and architecture exhibition. I currently live in Portland, Oregon where I continue to pursue my passion for design. I co-founded the firm Propel Studio, working on residential, mixed-use and commercial designs as well as Public Interest Design projects.  I am also a  freelance writer for various design magazines and websites.

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