Japan Architecture Tours

We are now offering architectural tours of Japan for groups of 4-12 people. We offer personally guided trips that explore the contemporary and tradition architecture of various regions of the country. From the lights of Tokyo, to the temples of Kyoto, and lesser traveled towns, cities and historic sights, these tours can be customized to fit with your vacation schedule and interests.

If you are interested in learning more contact us at lucas@talkitect.com

We can customize the trip to meet almost any budget, and the total cost would depend a lot on duration of travel. We would book all accommodations, local travel, guides, and tickets to museums, temples and other activities. You would only be responsible for food expenses and any shopping you decide to do. 

Accommodations in Japan typically range from $100 to $500 per night. We would just need to know what sort of places you would be comfortable staying in. 

You can have great meals even for less than $10/person, or you can experience fine dining for $300+/person. Give us an idea of where your comfort level is and if there are any special meals you would like to experience. For instance, many groups might budget about $75/person/day for general meals on the trip, while budgeting $200/person for a fine dining experience while in Tokyo. Let us know how we can tailor this specifically for the experiences you are hoping to have. 

We charge $100/person/day to organize the trip. If you are a party of 4 and want to spend 10 days traveling in Japan, our fees would be $100 x 4 x 10 = $4,000

If you would like a member of our team to accompany your group on the trip and act as a guide, we add the cost of travel and accommodations, plus a $500 per day fee for the guide.


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