Video: William McDonough on Cradle to Cradle Design

Another interesting talk from our friends at TED. William McDonough is a controversial figure when discussing architecture and sustainability. People argue he is hypocritical for lecturing on the importance of sustainable design strategies and then designing the new Ford factory and headquarters. His book Cradle to Cradle talks about a new better way for industry to be organized and he even designed the materiality of the book to be an endlessly recyclable material...yet are the facilities to actually recycle the plastic based book existing?

Either way you can't argue that his ideas should be ignored or that his buildings aren't trying to make a better place for us to live and work. In this talk he goes over his philosophy of design and ends up highlighting a design his office did for a new city in China.

Enjoy the video and I promise to post a new article in the near future. I also have some more videos to post and a show from the BBC on Meis van der Rohe coming soon.

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