Video: The Art of Ned Kahn

The following video is of a project by one of my favorite artists. The work of Ned Kahn is a spectacular display of the power of nature and how the intricate patterns of air can be a visually amazing phenomenon. This facade of the Technorama, the major science center in Switzerland, is an inspiring way archtiecture can make people aware of their surroundings in a more profound way. The movement of air literally moves the facade into an ever changing pattern, making the building never appear the same way twice. Each moment becomes a completely unique experience that captures a moment in time.


musser said…
This is SO utterly pleasing. If I worked in this place, I'd be taking 'breaks' just to step outside and watch it.
Lucas Gray said…
Ned Kahn did an installation similar to this on a building facing train tracks. You could watch the patterns of turbulence every time a train passed by. Just spectacular!
Lucas Gray said…
There is also an installation of his, although on a much smaller scale, on the University of Oregon campus just behind the new business school building.

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