Video: Turning the Place Over - by Richard Wilson

The British artist Richard Wilson creates art that is closely related to architectural themes. One of his most famous pieces "20:50" became a defining work of the genre of site-specific installation art. He filled an entire room half way with highly reflective oil creating a space that was disorienting, with the illusion of the room being flipped upside down. He continues to create large scale installations that bridge the gap between art and architecture. Created in 2007, the piece shown below titled "Turning the Place Over" is a fascinating contraption where he sliced an 8 meter diameter hole in the facade of a liverpool office building and attached it to a motor that slowly revolved the disc and turns the hole inside out. It was an ambitious undertaking and a striking work of art.



Jennifer said…
thank you for creating this useful web! I am going to the UO architecture program in McGill and I really need to know more about architecture.
Lucas Gray said…
Thanks for reading and for the compliments. I am a McGill grad and loved my time there. Make sure you take full advantage of montreal - it is an amazing city.

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