Video: The design genius of Charles + Ray Eames

This presentation, by Eames Demetrios the grandson of the infamous design team of Charles and Ray Eames, looks back at the life and work of the couple and delves into their design process and vast interests. Dappling in a wide range of fields, the Eames' made films, houses, furniture and continuously explored the worlds of art, architecture and design. Here rare photos and video footage of the couple is shown as a tribute to their creative process, and the wonderful work that has been born from it. What I found particularly fascinating was their love for playfulness and the humor that permeates their work - they even had a clown act and ran a clowning college in case the furniture business didn't work out. Their diversity is a stunning example of how design transcends the standard notion of fields of expertise. They drew inspiration from all fields of research and created masterpieces in all fields of design, influencing entire generations of people to follow.

Books about the work of Charles and Ray Eames Charles & Ray Eames: 1907-1978, 1912-1988 Pioneers of Mid-Century Modernism, Eames: Furniture 1941-1978, Ray & Charles Eames: Objects and Furniture Design By Architects, and a series of films by the royal family of design: The Films of Charles & Ray Eames


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