Video: Golan Levin on software (as) art

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  1. Starting an online business while working full time is probably the one of the hardest things to do. But it could be something that can make your hard work pay off, too. This article is so encouraging!carry


  2. Hello, When we start an online business we should give it full time then it runs properly. If we don’t give the full time to our online business then our business can’t run properly. In this blog all the tips and information is great. I like all the tips. We should choose one way to run the business. Always concentrate on the one way that you think it is in your fingertips then you can run business very easily.Harry


  3. I am working as a software developer in the current organization and have 8 years of experience into it. But not I want to shift towards automation testing. Can someone please suggest me which technologies should I learn or how to switch to automation testing from development.Consultant


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