News and Update for 2011

It has been a busy 5 months, which has thus caused to be a bit neglected. It has been too long since I have made the time to sit down and write articles, put together slideshows and search for interesting videos and other content. Moving from Berlin, Germany to Portland, Oregon has occupied a tremendous amount of time and effort. Settling into the new city has also absorbed a chunk of the time I normally would devote to this site. Furthermore I have been searching for an architecture design position at a local firm, which has once again distracted me from updating Talkitect and creating new content.

However, there are big plans for the growth of this year. We are currently looking for an intern who can help us with promotion and marketing - contact us if you want to help. We have created a facebook fanpage - - and integrated it with our website. We are also on twitter - and on Architizer. We are working hard to create new and unique content, and are continuing to write reviews of buildings, books and other architecture and design related events. We are constantly searching for interesting videos and press releases to post and are also looking for new writers to contribute to the site. The plan is to come up with regularly scheduled posts - Monday Slideshows, Tuesday Articles/Reviews, Wednesday Videos and then fill in the rest of the week with press releases and other short posts. We will hopefully have this worked out in the next month or so at which point you will see a bit more polish and regularity with our posts.

With the move to Portland you should also be seeing some posts and photographs from the fantastic collection of architecture this city has to offer. It is a haven for artists, designers and architects and yet there is very little publicity of the many creative firms making fantastic architecture. I plan on highlighting some of the great contemporary architecture sprinkled throughout Portland as I wander the streets and become familiar with my new home.

We have also been connecting with different groups and organizations to offer some fantastic contests and giveaways this year. Keep checking the site often for a chance to win books and other design related items.

Finally, it would be wonderful if you would help us out by telling your friends about the site, liking our facebook page, following us on twitter and most importantly leaving comments on our posts and please send us feedback on how to improve. The most rewarding part of running a website is interacting with the international community of people who are passionate about design and architecture.

We would also like to thank our many sponsors over the past couple years who have made this site possible. Please visit the links in the "Sponsors" section on the left hand column. I would also like to specifically thank the Princeton Architectural Press for donating the books for the contests we have run this year. They have been a huge supporter of our site and we will continue to collaborate with them on future occasions.

- If you have any ideas for content or would like to contribute please get in touch.
- If you would like to sponsor the site or advertise with us send an email.


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