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As an architecture enthusiast and practitioner I have had the pleasure of living abroad and traveling extensively throughout the world, visiting some of the most amazing pieces of architecture along the way. As you can imagine I have thus created a vast collection of photographs taken upon my journeys. I have slowly been sorting through thousands and thousands of images to collect relevant architectural photographs into slideshows which I post on this blog. I have recently scheduled a series of slideshows to be posted every Monday morning from now until February. I am hoping to continue this schedule and post one every monday from here on out.

However, with all the digital photographs, too often they end up just sitting on my hard drive, waiting for the rare moments I have to actually sort through them. Unfortunately I hardly ever get a chance to look through photographs for fun, and I have not printed any as decoration or to show friends and family. Recently I was contacted by a representative of Easy Canvas Prints - a company that prints photographs on various sized canvases. They offered to give me a sample of their product and I figured it would be a great way to make one of my digital photographs something tangible, something that I could show in my newly purchased house. 

I was happy with the result. The image was crisp and clear with bright colors and rich blacks. I was worried that it might be washed out when printed on textured fabric but was pleasantly surprised with the end result. I would recommend checking out their website to see what products they offer. It is a perfect gift idea for the holidays and a great way to move some of your photographs out of the digital realm and into the physical world. It is an elegant product that would add a nice touch to any room. 

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