Video: A light Haven by Brullon-Trolio-Marinot Architects

Untitled from light haven on Vimeo.

“A Light Haven” - by Brullon-Trolio-Marinot architects
In between two strata. Under the railroad, in levitation above the street, A Light Haven takes place in an urban cavity, affirming an identity based on duality, and synergy with the place’s architecture. Natural fiber against industrial steel, lightness against heaviness, curves against straight lines, light against darkness, and weightlessness against gravity: A Light Haven finds its own identity through the contrasts. The project unrolls a network of ropes on the whole area. While the original deepness of the space is kept, a path emerges, making the place special. Above, underneath, through the enveloping forms, the visitor perceives the space in its entirety. He walks around and gets information behind the frail fiber cocoons and, at last, penetrates the intimacy of the exhibited works of art. The structure’s lightness and its slow beat contrasts with the urban activity around. Materiality, light, sound: all the elements play a part. A Light Haven quivers with the breeze; the light intensity is synchronized with the sound of the wind rustling through the ropes, providing a soothing distraction from the urban noise. Like the High Line, A Light Haven offers, in its own way, an alternative to the urban environment. The counterparts form a unity in their duality, eventually constituting one single architecture."

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