Innovative Designs for Tiny Spaces

Guest Post by Heather Green

Necessity is the mother of invention. Some of the most innovative home designs have arisen out of the need to conserve space. Urban apartment dwellers, chic stylists looking to refurbish industrial spaces, and eco-conscious world citizens looking to reduce their carbon footprint or to live more sustainably have all created beautiful homes out of spaces no bigger than a wood shed.

Here are some of our picks for the best designs for tiny spaces:

Studio Apartment, East Village, NYC 

Geometric design and hidden storage make the most efficient use of space in this notoriously cramped city. Vertical space helps create more storage and to make more room for sleeping and living spaces. Even the stairs serve double duty as drawers!

Small Space Vacation Rooms 

These tiny 10x10x10 rooms for rent are portable and offer everything you and three of your closest friends would need as a home away from home. There is sleeping space for four, a shower, toilet, sink and kitchen utilities. There is even a flat-screen TV, phone and Internet connection. As with most design for tiny spaces, these modules make the best use of vertical space and interconnected pieces that serve double duty.

California Shipping Container Home 

This California woman decided to find a way to cut her costs so she could stay home with her daughter. The solution? A home upfitted from an old shipping container. She has created a beautiful living space that incorporates natural light and resources to live sustainably while also meeting all her needs.

Turns out, she’s not the only one who thought this was a good idea. Check out these other homes made of repurposed shipping containers.

90-Square-Foot Apartment, Manhattan

Felice Cohen lives in a 12x7 foot studio on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, which she has made over to accommodate a kitchen, small bathroom, loft bedroom, and even an office space. Hidden compartments and vertical space are key to including everything that she needs – even for entertaining! – without making the space look too cluttered or cramped.

“Lego-Style" Apartment 

Christian Schallert lives in a 258 square feet apartment in Barcelona that he has completely renovated to include hidden spaces that reveal a full-service kitchen, bed, bathroom, and other storage spaces. Every inch of this tiny apartment serves double duty, leaving him the space to do whatever he might need to in his apartment, including stretching out or entertaining friends.

With a little ingenuity, even the tiniest spaces can become beautiful, fully functional homes. These designs show how creative use of space can transform the potential for the smallest homes.


Heather Green is a mom, freelance writer, pet lover and the resident blogger for, a free informational website offering tips and advice about online nursing resources and online lpn degree.


  1. These home designs are innovative as well as conserving space. As the population of the world is increasing and we are facing scarcity of space. So these designs are a solution to the problem.

  2. Before set an apartment interior designs we must once go through an innovative ideas of decorating which consists of both the special facts such as better designs as well as save more space. Space matter a lot in every resident home and apartments, so these ideas are more valuable to utilized.

  3. innovation at its best. I can't imagine better ensemble of all things in small places.

  4. Maybe the guys developing property for sale east london could take a look at these designs for their future projects.

  5. Some residential real estate agencies have the same floor format like this, however it's spacious enough for a family of 3-4 members (a typical one).

  6. A compact apartment... I could hide in any corner I want. I wish the home improvement team can do this to my house. I really do want to hide my fridge so my brother won't take my food every time he visits.

  7. My cousin also hid his fridge from me. He installed a big "fridge closet" made of recycled timber. But then I found it.

  8. Those cabinets would look great with cherry hardwood! If I would create a compact apartment too, probably Zen style, and bamboo closets.

  9. That lego-style apartment is amazing. It looks convenient to live in there. I would love to customize my own house into a lego-style too, I would just need a hoist to carry all the wood to the fifth floor.

  10. Innovative is an understatement. These designs are basically what real estate developers should start looking into, especially since urban space is dwindling.

  11. Looks like minimalist is back again. I guess you wouldn't need a lot of heavy equipment to get those houses constructed.

  12. Really small, but I'm impressed on how they made it!

  13. My sister planned to do this to her apartment, but she was afraid it might be infested with termites. We did it at my apartment anyway, but we had pest control services first.

  14. I never thought a small apartment would be so convenient! This is brilliant! I would only need a couple of furniture for this tiny space.


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