Harvey house from Simon Devitt Photographer

Harvey house from Simon Devitt Photographer

The owners of this home have a long standing relationship with Kare Kare.

Theirs is a personal view informed by local history that we wanted to reflect in the design, helping it appear like a miraculous object uncovered in the Kare Kare dunes.

We started with reinforcing the relationship with the landscape by folding the home around an intimate courtyard, at the same time offering lines of sight across the living spaces to the estuary beyond.

The shapes evoke a poetic vessel while recalling other expressive features such as the angularity of the land, fragility of timberships, or the casual materiality of old baches.

The exterior is presented to the street like one of the old artillery bunkers that litter New Zealand’s coastline and the interior is detailed to bring to mind the domestic familiarity of both the whare and bungalow.

The overall effect, we hope, is one of alignment between the client and their home.

- Peter Wood (2011)

Architect: Michael John O'Sullivan

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