Evolution of traditional KIMONO store in Kyoto by Yusuke Seki

Gofuku, or the Kimono, is a traditional Japanese clothing. Historically Japanese people would wear Kimonos for everyday life however, nowadays it is mainly worn for special occasions, as it has a recent reputation as a garment reserved for high society.

The idea for this store is to re-introduce the Kimono culture to contemporary society. It has a clear 3-step price system to allow new customers to choose the suitable product, and to compare to other traditional kimono stores. On the second floor, it opens up as a gallery space with kimono related modern art and a design works exhibition. The main design concept uses aspects from the past and introduces new hand craft towards a new design for the future. The design is simple, understated and elegant to allow the beauty and intricacy of the cloth to stand out.

The Interior design consists of 3 types of showcases according to the price range, frame and type of composition of the Kimono. Other products are displayed on custom designed shelves and tables, using warm wood in contrast to modern metal legs tied together with twine. The white tiles from the original Tofu store were preserved to pay homage to the building's past.

The store is located at the feet of Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社, Yasaka-jinja) a Shinto shrine in the Gion District of Kyoto, Japan. The original building was constructed 70 years ago, and was previously a Tofu store.

Art Direction & Total Design: Yusuke Seki (http://yusukeseki.com/)
Cliant: WAKON(http://www.wakon.net/about/
Officaial website: Otsuka Gofukuten (http://www.otsuka-gofukuten.jp/)
Brand Direction: Jun Nakagawa (http://www.yu-nakagawa.co.jp/) & Yu Yamada (http://wearemethod.com/)
Photo : Takumi Ota (http://www.phota.jp/ )
Location : Kyoto, Japan

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