International Architecture and Skyscrapers Around the World Graphic

Architecture is now a global profession, with firms executing projects around the world and often opening up offices in a range of countries. From US firms exporting services to China, to smaller offices in developing countries partnering with international firms to create cutting edge design, architects more than ever are working together to change the built environment of our cities and towns. 

One such company is this team of young Architects in Bangalore, who have come together to establish to cater to the demands of today’s construction-related services. To check out their work visit A4D Architects based in Bangalore, India. 

As populations urbanize around the world and people flock to cities the trend has been to build taller and taller. Skyscrapers are both a sign of economic progress as well as a representation of the ego behind the large companies and wealthy investors behind the projects. Below is an Infographic on Skyscrapers around the world: 


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