VIDEO: A Common Sense Alternative to the Columbia River Crossing (CRC), Portland, OR

The "Common Sense Alternative" (CSA) is a cheaper, faster, and better way of crossing the Columbia River. It would would achieve the stated goals of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) freeway and bridge project, but for less money.

About the authors of the CSA:
George M. Crandall has been responsible for more than 50 key urban and community design projects across the country and throughout the West. Many of his local projects have made Portland and Oregon models for planning in America. He has served as President for the Architectural Foundation of Oregon, Board President for 1000 Friends of Oregon, President of the Portland Chapter AIA, and Chair of the AIA Urban Design Committee

 Jim Howell is a longtime active transportation and mass transit advocate in Portland. As of 2010, he serves as director and strategic planner of AORTA. Howell was a founder, with Ron Buel, of Sensible Transportation Options for People, one of the organizations that helped kill the planned Mount Hood Freeway in the early 1970s

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