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It has been a very busy few months since the turning of the year. Between working for a couple architecture firms here in Berlin, writing for a couple magazines from London, traveling, and photographing architecture it has left me little time to actually write content for Talkitect. However, some of our other contributors are working on articles that should be up over the next few weeks and I am working on a couple that should be up soon. There are also some interviews I have been planning that will appear when time permits. To compliment our written work, we have been contacting interesting design firms for more press releases on new architecture projects from around the world which should keep the posts coming. In the mean time check out some of our older posts like this: The High Line: and the Spectacular Rebirth of Public Space in New York

The slideshow feature is going strong featuring fantastic international architecture every Monday. Over the next few weeks you will see some incredible buildings, including the Thermal Baths by Peter Zumthor and architecture from Japan, Australia and Europe. I'm also heading to London for a few days in April with camera in tow, so expect some slideshows of architecture in London to appear sometime in the next few months. To check out our past slideshows click here: slideshows

We are happy to announce our first sponsors: Musana Volunteers, a non profit group connecting people with volunteer opportunities in Uganda; and Nest: Estate Agents Leeds, a real estate company helping people find great places to live in Leeds, UK. You can check out their sites by following the links in the left hand column. Of course we are always looking for new sponsorship opportunities and partners. We are also looking to partner with other blogs and websites to grow our readership. If you are interested click here.

There are only 10 days left to enter our book giveaway contest sponsored by the Princeton Architectural Press. The 5 winners will be announced on April 5th and will get to chose one of three titles. Click here for more information and to enter:

Upcoming Events:
As I have settled into life in Berlin I have joined an architecture group that meets monthly to share drinks and discuss the built environment. The next meeting is at 8:00 pm April 13th at Kim Bar near Rosenthaler Platz. If you are in town you should stop by. Check out the Facebook group here: Berlin Architecture Circle

News broke a few weeks ago that a development company is defacing John Heujduk's Kreutzberg Towers, and since it has spread like wildfire across the online architecture community. Although I have mixed feelings about the proposed changes (they are currently under construction in fact) and am not sure it is worth all of the uproar, it is worth expressing your opinions. There is a petition garnering support to get the development company to respect the historic significance of the architecture.
Click on these to see images of the proposed design: 1) 2) here to sign the petition:

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We are working hard at finding new ways to communicate with our readers and grow our community. With this goal in mind we have been working to develop a presence on Facebook and grow our Twitter followers. We would appreciate if you would follow us on those platforms as well, and please invite your friends to join too. Thank you.
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We are always looking for feedback and new ideas. Let us know what you think about our content, how we can improve, or to suggest additional features by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks for reading and for all of your support.

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