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Too often architects and designers don't get significant feedback on their work until the design process is finished or the building is completed. Students slave away for weeks only to get their work torn apart in overly critical juried reviews. To combat this, Jeff Pastva, a designer and Philadelphia-based architect, developed a website to help rectify the disconnect between design process and constructive feedback. It allows people to receive continuous feedback on their work throughout every stage of their design development. His site - Designated Sketcher - brings the idea of the desk critique to the cloud, allowing individuals to post their ideas, process sketches, finished projects, study models, diagrams, etc., and then receive comments from a community of designers. Anyone can register and submit their work or just browse through the work and offer their opinions. It allows people to adjust their ideas, fix their designs, or reconsider certain moves before it is too late for changes to take effect. It also is a great way to start conversations about architecture and stimulate the sharing of ideas.

It is a brand new site that just recently launched. The community is growing and will only become more interesting as more work is posted, and more critics offer their opinions. I highly recommend you check out the site and offer some insightful comments on the work shown, and post your own projects.

More information from creator Jeff Pastva:
The Designated Sketcher is a website that focuses on the advancement of student projects and the documentation of the decision making process. Since the design and decision making process is the most valuable asset to the student and young professionals’ germination, the site aims to provide critical professional feedback to help bridge the gap between education and employment. In order to accomplish this, it allows users to post their works in progress, which can range from your first sketch in studio to an entire body of work, for the community to engage in the dialogue. To get the full experience, designers would be encouraged to post their own projects at inception, so that the design community can be involved with this decision making process every step of the way.

Check out the site:

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