Video: Norman Foster's Green Agenda

One of the highest profile architects in the world today, Norman Foster has designed some of the biggest landmarks ranging from skyscrapers in NY and London, the new Beijing airport, a bridge spanning a valley in the south of France and an entire green city for the dessert in the UAE. Winning the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 1999, his projects have taken on a vast range of scales yet all tend to fit within a style uniquely his. Lots of sleek glass, high tech systems, and innovative exposed structures are his trademark. Foster + Partners also has developed a strong focus on sustainable design and environmental responsibility as this lecture discusses. Also discussing the role of technology in the design process Norman Foster highlights how his office is able to make efficient, sustainable, and beautiful buildings.

For further reading on Foster + Partners check out Norman Foster Works 5, Foster + Partners: Catalogue and Foster and Partners (Archipockets)


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