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You may have noticed that Talkitect.com has been pretty quiet over the past few weeks (not including the spike of video posts recently). This is because I was gallivanting around southern Germany and Switzerland visiting amazing works of architecture, exploring stunning landscapes and checking out some fantastic cities. Part of the goal of my travels was to gather more places and topics to write about. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting four or five new articles, some new videos and even an Interview or two with some inspiring people running architecture themed galleries here in Berlin. There are also a couple of interesting architecture and art events coming up that I plan on covering as well as a short trip to London that might offer some more topics of conversation. All this goes hand in hand with a job search, as I look for a design position at an architecture firm in Berlin.

Upcoming Articles:
- Peter Zumthor's Thermal Baths in Vals, Switzerland
- Peter Zumthor's Kunsthaus in Bregenz Austria
- Peter Zumthor's Kolumba art museum in Cologne, Germany
- The Vitra Design Museum and Campus (including buildings by Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Nicholas Grimshaw, Álvaro Siza, and Herzog & de Meuron as well as an exhibit on the Campana Brothers)
- The Glenn Murcutt International Masters Class
- Herzog & de Meuron and the architecture of Basel

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