Video: ArchiCULTURE

This trailer is for a new documentary film about the culture of architecture and the educational process. The film synopsis from the official website describes the project like this:

Archiculture is a feature- length documentary that explores the role that architecture and design play in our daily lives. The film follows five architecture students through their final senior design projects in order to shed light on the critical issues impacting our built environment.

if you liked this trailer check out this one: objectified


A really interesting documentary! Architecture is everywhere!
Lucas Gray said…
Thanks for commenting! I can't wait to see the full feature.
Unknown said…
This is actually the teaser video. The real trailer premiered Sept. 2nd in NYC and will not be available online for a few more months as we plan similar Trailer Premieres around the country. Thanks for the interested and stay updated with the film via our website:
Lucas Gray said…
Hi Ian, Thanks for the information. I am eagerly anticipating the release of the full film. Please let me know when the new trailer is out and I will post it.

I am also interested in setting up a screening of the movie at a local architecture gallery.

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