Geoff Manaugh (of BLDG BLOG) Resident of the CCA's Study Center

Montréal, 3 June 2010 — The Canadian Centre for Architecture is pleased to welcome Geoff Manaugh as a resident of the CCA’s Study Centre for two months. He is the well known architectural blogger of the hugely popular BLDGBLOG and author of the BLDGBLOG Book. As a resident of the Study Centre, he will explore the archives, the collections, programs, and events to post a regular stream of new content specifically for the CCA website.

Manaugh's collaboration with the CCA until July 31st 2010 will add a certain character, perspective and pitch to our content, as he has agreed to co-publish and link CCA content with his own BLDGBLOG site. On the website itself, Geoff will live within a series called ‘To CCA, From...’ a series in the Study Centre we’re creating for critics and thinkers. Recent residents have included Axel Sowa (L’Architecture d’aujourd’hui, 2008) and Sina Najafi (Cabinet, 2009).

Geoff Manaugh is the author of BLDGBLOG and The BLDGBLOG Book, a former senior editor of Dwell magazine, and contributing editor at Wired UK. In addition to lecturing on a broad range of architectural topics at design schools and museums around the world, from Turin to Melbourne, he has taught design studios at Columbia University, the Pratt Institute, and the University of Technology, Sydney. Manaugh has organized events at Storefront for Art and Architecture, the Architectural Association, the Chicago Humanities Festival, the California College of the Arts, and many more, and he continues to write freelance articles for publications such as GOOD, Icon, Volume, Domus, and many websites. In spring 2010, with Nicola Twilley, he co-curated the exhibition Landscapes of Quarantine, an ARTFORUM Editor’s Pick, at Storefront for Art and Architecture. He is curating the exhibition Landscape Futures at the Nevada Museum of Art, which will open in autumn 2011.
Inaugurated in September 1997, the CCA’s Study Centre is an international institute devoted to advanced research on architecture, its history and theory. The Study Centre aims at fostering scientific exchange, debate, and the emergence of innovative ideas. It offers a program of seminars, lectures, and other research activities intended to create and maintain a forum of exchange for CCA visiting scholars, professionals, the academic community and the public.

The CCA Study Centre provides grants to many researchers, between 30 and 50 every year, including graduate students and independent researchers, and since the launch of the CCA’s new website in 2009, most of them have written "Scholar's Choice" posts on objects in the Collection. This represents part of the CCA’s effort to explore the collection publicly.

The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) is an international research centre and museum founded in 1979 on the conviction that architecture is a public concern. Based on its extensive collections, the CCA is a leading voice in advancing knowledge, promoting public understanding, and widening thought and debate on the art of architecture and its history, theory, practice and role in society today. The Canadian Centre for Architecture acknowledges the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

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I have followed the writings of Geoff Manaugh for a while now and am impressed by the blend of architecture, science, fiction, and unique perspectives on our built environment, landscapes and culture. His ideas, research and posts force us to confront new views on our society and the world we inhabit. I look forward to following his posts as he delves into the archives of the Canadian Center for Architecture.

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