Video: Interview with Cameron Sinclair - Architecture for Humanity

Cameron Sinclair, the founder of Architecture for Humanity, has started to shift the focus of the architecture and it's image. His dedication to working for humanitarian causes as a not for profit organization has humbled what had previously been a Starchitect worshiping egotistical profession, particularly as covered in the media. This organization not only creates outstanding, award winning designs, through their collaborations with firms from around the world, but they also directly affect the lives of people who normally wouldn't have access to architectural services - people who's lives are dominated by natural disasters, war, poverty, disease. It is an unbelievably noble cause and one we should all participate in throughout our careers. What makes this interview and other presentations by Mr. Sinclair so amazing is his passion, his dedication to this cause. It is inspiring. This interview with Mr. Sinclair was conducted by the fabulous people at Arch Daily.
Part II:

For more information or to get involved go the their website:
Also check out their fantastic book: Design Like You Give A Damn
This interview was cunducted by the fantastic site Arch Daily:

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