Video: MVRDV - Dutch Profiles

Continuing with the Dutch Profile Series, here is a short video about the architecture of MVRDV. Their work is always pushing the boundaries of what architecture can be, often dealing with hyper density and a blending of environmentally sustainable design and evolving urbanity. I am not always in love with the beauty of their buildings but find their design process and research explorations fascinating. Their early work, often a bit more theoretical than realistically grounded, was particularly captivating. Their Market Hall project was featured previously on this blog and is their most recent project to start construction. Other notable buildings include the Dutch Exhibition at the World Expo in Hannover, the Silodam project in Amsterdam, and Pig City - a vertical farm. I was lucky enough to meet and talk with Winy Maas in Berlin a few months ago as a group of students from his "The Why Factory" - a part of the University of Delft school of architecture - were doing a two week workshop on future urbanism. It was fascinating to work with the students for a few days to see their ideas and listen to the professors and invited guests discuss the issues facing the development of our cities over the generations to come.

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