A New Year Update

Happy new year, readers. Thanks for being a part of a wonderful year of writing, learning and sharing ideas. I appreciate all of the emails, comments and contributions I've received throughout 2009 and hopefully 2010 will see the site and community continue to grow. If there is anything you think would be a great addition to the site - content or site improvements - please send it along and I'll post it or integrate it into the site design.

I have also started a fund raising campaign with the goal of hiring a professional web designer to redesign the site to make it more intuitive and interactive. Specifically I would like a better way to find previous content and a smoother interface to search through and watch the posted videos. I am also aiming to pay the writers who contribute articles to Talkitect. As of now, Talkitect.com doesn't have a steady source of funding since the advertisements were removed from the site (they were annoying and didn't bring much revenue anyway). A small stream of revenue comes from our Amazon Associates program (please help by buying books and items from Amazon.com by following the links from this site), but not nearly enough to cover the costs of running the site and paying writers.  I would appreciate it if you would visit the following link and most importantly forward it to your friends, family, colleagues and contacts: http://www.indiegogo.com/Talkitect - feel free to post it to facebook, tweet it, email it to people, post to forums and any other way to get the word out there.

Lastly, The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity with a new freelance job, a trip to Paris
for the Holidays and working on future plans and ideas. Talkitect has been rather quiet, especially with written articles. I have a list of articles waiting to be written and should get some up over the coming weeks. There are also more videos I will be posting and a whole bunch of new photo albums on our connected Photo Site.

Don't forget to follow us with google friend connect (located on the left hand column), on twitter, and join the Talkitect Facebook Page. Also check out and subscribe to our Google Reader shared items page to see what we are reading.

Lucas Gray

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