Slideshow: The Royal Theater Playhouse by Lundgaard & Tranberg - Copenhagen, Denmark

Another building in Denmark is featured in the third installment of the slideshow feature, this time the Royal Theater Playhouse designed by Danish architects Lundgaard & Tranberg. Sitting on the harbor-front and cantilevering out over the water, this building is wonderful example of architecture that relates to its surroundings. The form of the building speaks to the functions within. The center of the complex is the theater which is visible as a box that punches through the surrounding building. The cantilever is clad in glass revealing the structural truss supporting its weight and defining the height of the interior space. It also shelters a large wooden deck below, which wraps around the front of the building providing visitors a wonderful place to soak in the vies of Copenhagen across the water. The deck gently slopes up from the surrounding streets and hugs the building giving the cafe/restaurant space for outdoor seating and place for crowds to gather before and after performances. All in all, it is a fantastic design much loved by the community and created by one of the best firms Practicing in Denmark today.

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